Be intentional

Meetings. Estimates. Quick revisions to projects already finished. Researching for new projects. Certainly doesn’t take much to bend my attention away from what I tried to start here.

Work is central to my mood, perspective and how I assess the future. Time flows through work and gives measure to beginnings and endings. Much of the work I do is merged in thought and action, trial and error. The final product of an idea from inception to completion can be compressed into hours, but might take days, weeks or months to work through its details.

Not sure I long for the days when our craft was more physical, but I do miss the texture of it. Before the computer, we’d have to plan more thoroughly before executing even the simplest idea. We worked with tactile elements and tools to cut and paste in the real world sense. Sketching wasn’t something you tried to do before sitting down at the computer, sketching was absolutely necessary.

It also slowed the world down considerably. What can be done in a few hours at a computer could take days waiting on the typesetter, camera-ready stats and then assembling a keyline with all of its overlays and registrations. 

Technology allows us to do things much faster. It does not advocate taking your time. But you can unplug it or let it sleep while you think.

 Write things down. Sketch a few ideas. Be intentional.