Welcome to Harlow Company’s new website. New work and a blog that I promise to try and make up stuff to talk about on. Our poor, old website was fun, but about five years ago, it had long been a ‘the plumbers faucet is always leaking’ kind of embarrassment. So, out with the old and in with something else.

In addition to finally displaying new work and trying to post blog entries, I feel compelled to talk about strategy, process and intangibles like the essence of a brand, emotional connections to it and so on without sounding like marketing is a science and there is a proven formula. Because there is not.

It'd actually be simpler to say something like what we really do is create memories. For example, “Remember when we were so busy there was no time to work on our own website?”

Don’t get me wrong. I love to create stuff. But my writing, as a skill, can only be defended in terms of believing I’m a pretty good speller. So, it can be troublesome to describe the nature of how we approach a project even with our documented Brand Voice® process. I just don’t follow rules very well, but I do think before I swim.

After ten years, Harlow Company is still a brand design + communication micro-agency servicing clients, agencies and non-profits. Which is to say, thankfully we’ve not devolved into producing weekly value coupon leaflets. Not that there’s anything wrong with value, coupons or leaflets. However, I am steadfastly opposed to backward evolution.

I am proud to say we have a few success stories, but we’ve also learned several important lessons from failing—which is the best way to learn anything that needs to stick.