Working with an established brand—BMW reprinted Revard’s creative for their Dealer Kit as inspiration to dealers nationally.

Copywriting + Art Direction: J Michael Harlow

Since convention planners work about 3-5 years in advance, we began creating trade ads for the Indiana Convention Center that alluded to the demise of the RCA Dome well before a single wrecking ball was swung. Meanwhile, Lucas Oil Stadium was under construction. With a light hand this campaign signaled the hard work behind change and progress for Indianapolis.

Katie Gallagher, Kevin McIntosh, William Mick and
J Michael Harlow
Art Direction: J Michael Harlow

Brand work for post-merger, newly formed utility, Cinergy.

The Indianapolis ICE upgraded venues from the Fairgrounds to Market Square Arena. In an effort to compete with the Pacers and the Colts, we built a story around the $9 ticket and how at all costs, the ICE would keep the ticket prices low.

Copywriter: Mark LeClerc
Art Director: J Michael Harlow

Houseworks advertising for Indianapolis Monthly campaign in 2002.

Copywriting + Art Direction: J Michael Harlow

Great advertising stands the test of time.

Although, it's not difficult to find really bad, old advertising either.