Co-Creative Director. Graphic Designer. Lots of experience. A little OCD on the details. Still believes good work is a thing.


Co-Creative Director. Writer. Manager. Strategist.
Works tirelessly. Plays with a passion.


Designer. Artist. Thinks advertising is for sell-outs. Doesn’t go to many meetings.


What is a micro-agency?

Start with a veteran creative marketing team. Add team members as needed. Scalable services for client convenience. Harlow Company was founded in 2004 and is grounded by a fundamental approach to the creative process:

Think strategically. And then create.

When you distil our approach to branding, design, marketing and promotion, you get an equation that looks like this:

Relevant + distinctive = effective

RELEVANCE: Without it all efforts fail. All messages missed. Relevance happens when insights and creative match.


DISTINCTION: Builds on relevance by finding a niche in the market among the competition. A brand starts to take form, strategies are pinpointed, graphic originality is applied.

EFFECTIVENESS: Is the point, after all. Insight, planning, strategy, economy of thought and design working together.

It’s our job to create resonance.

Our services are as varied as the client’s we’ve served, but our job and objective is always clear. Your brand must resonate in the minds of consumers.



What is hcbrand?

hcbrand simply stands for Harlow Company Brand. It was the original URL for our website and continues to be used as our email address. It’s more nickname than tactic, more sentimental than useful. And contrary to the essential, “Think strategically. And then create.” positioning, hcbrand proves the exception. Sometimes you just do it and figure things out later.